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Waco ASO   


The Famous Art Lacey Bomber Gas Station in Milwaukie, Oregon




Texaco Aviation History

Texaco Jet Fuel Truck Commercial

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Franklin Eaglet PS2   



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Here's Ed next to one of the Texaco 13 planes
in the Chicago Museum of Science.


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Great Write-up On The Texaco Sponsored Spokane Sun-God -
The First Non-Stop Transcontinental Roundtrip Flight, And, Texaco #9 Plane Model

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Signs from the Keith Jenicek Collection

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This link is not necessarily an endorsement of this site, only a place to view all the airplanes.




Being an old helicopter guy from my years in the Marine Corps...


however, most of these were operated by Bristow
 on behalf of Texaco


Many Airlines Used Texaco Products









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Photos of Texaco Aircraft Through The Years











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